About Us

Reapet, Inc. Empowering animal rescue & pet care with technology

We aim to provide solutions for common day-to-day challenges that animals, pet owners, shelters, volunteers, & service providers go through...

A comprehensive SaaS solution dedicated to solving the pain points of each user-type via stand-alone features that are integrated into one scalable ecosystem, by bringing the industry stakeholders closer together and facilitate means of verified search, quick booking, easy shopping, and allow transactions of information and payment

Meet The Makers

Thaer Abbas
Saeed Odeh
Khalid Zamer
Tareq Sabri

Pets are family members, friends, and often co-workers. We are witnessing the growth of pets’ ownership and awareness globally, and we love it!

Connecting pet care in one free, global, easy to use platform, with passion!

Reasons to Reapet

We're a small team with dreams bigger than life, and just like you, we believe that we need animals as much as they need us, while we enjoy and reap the benefits of their beautiful companionship. We feel there is much more we can do to secure better quality care & awareness on a global scale.

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