Reacords CRM

Online business management toolbox, for pet care professionals

Made by vets & service providers in the pets industry

Reacords is a cloud client relations management system that allows you, the business, to record, organize, and communicate with your clients and share their pets' medical and health records, monitor pet care bookings, service visits, reminders, invoices, and more.

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How it Works

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Dedicated to Empowering Pet Care Professionals


Add every pet for clients, view, edit their details and connect them to their Reapet user
The interaction sessions, log customers visit details whether its a medical, a pet walking, sitting or grooming, etc.
Attach pets and Reacords to customers, keep their contact information and billing history and notes.
Add manual and automatic calendar events to follow ups & reminders organized
Turn Reacords into financial invoice sent to your clients to collect payments online (Coming Soon)
Watch business performance and track activities with visual charts and insights dashboard

Helping You, Helping Pets, More Features On The Way

Reacords CRM

is your next favorite tool to completely manage the cycle of client pets and maintaining its life events, medical visits, service bookings, sales, as well and maintaining all your day to day business activities with simple yet powerful, elegant software

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Ideal For All Pet Care Service Providers

Pet Groomers
Dog Walkers
Pet Taxi
Pet Boarding
Pet Sitters
Dog Trainers
Pet Hotels

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Reacords CRM is designed with customer intimacy, productivity & simplicity in mind, with the sole purpose to equip your business with modern technology and tools, helping you to better serve animals in need, while saving time and money.

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As pet owners in your area search for your services listed on directoRea, they'll be able to initiate a booking request, you'll get an instant notification and a new entry will find its place in your Reacords CRM Calendar, so you can keep your time schedule in check and under control.

Turn bookings into Reacords and manage your service sessions, set follow up reminders, and never miss an appointment or a payment.

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