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Findin The Right Dog Walker
Pet Owner Corner March 17, 2021

Finding a Dog Walker

How to find the right dog walker? Here are some steps to consider while searching for a dog walker

Pet Owner Corner January 25, 2021

Pet Proofing Your House; Why, What, and How?

A libraRea guide on how to pet-proof your house and garden and for new pet safety tips for pet owners

Dog care guide & schedule
Pet Owner Corner August 24, 2020

Puppy and Dog Care Schedule

A guide on dog needs from feeding, exercise, grooming, handling, housing, medicines, vaccinations, and some essential equipment.

Iguana Care Guide on libraRea
Pet Owner Corner August 14, 2020

Iguana Care Guide

Iguana is one of the most popular pet reptiles, learn more about Iguanas care requirements, iguana cages and sizes, iguana nutrition and their behavior.

Finding the right pet grooming service providers
Pet Owner Corner August 11, 2020

Tips for Finding The Right Pet Groomer

Pet grooming is a crucial sermon that goes beyond beautification, clean nails, coat, and teeth are parts of any pet’s health. To Find The Right Pet Groomer, Follow This Simple Guideline.

Cat care guide & schedule
Pet Owner Corner August 08, 2020

Cat Care Guide

Cat Care Guide by Reapet, tips and tricks for cat companions include feeding, vaccinations, exercise, grooming, handling, housing, medication, and other essential equipment and supplies.

5 Tips for finding the right vet
Pet Owner Corner July 21, 2020

Tips For Finding The Right Vet

A guide on how to pick the right veterinarian near you, what to look for, and what to avoid

Tips for first time pet owners
Pet Owner Corner July 15, 2020

Things You Should Know Before Choosing Your First Pet

Make sure that you are ready for a new addition to your family and home, and how to choose the right pet? Ask your self the following questions:

introducing directoRea pet service listing website
Updates June 20, 2020

Introducing directoRea

directoRea is your go-to listing website and service where you can find all your pet’s needs, from grooming to boarding, from vets to walkers and sitters! This is the one place where we got you covered!

Updates June 14, 2020

Introducing libraRea

libraRea is blog by Reapet, discussing topics for pet owners, pet business owners and animal welfare.

Launch press release from the founders of Reapet
Updates June 14, 2020

From The Founders...

We are thrilled to introduce Reapet; a pet care platform and technology engineered to empower our companions and provide them with the services they need for a better life.

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