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Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened. Anatole France (1844-1924)


Pets have become an integral part of our human family construct. More families now have pets than ever before, we care for them and love them as ‘specially-abled’ adopted children. We appreciate the value of their individual lives as we see their influence on our personal happiness and even our biological children’s emotional development. Hence, I am delighted to invite you on a mission to empower animal rescue and pet care. Our motive is our dedication to animal welfare and quality of life. We are thrilled to introduce Reapet; a pet care platform and technology engineered to empower our companions and provide them with the services they need for a better life.

We are a group of pet advocates. In 2018 we decided to evolve from discussing the needs of our life companions and do more. We decided to create a platform that helps our pets and their friends to utilize the technologies available and use it -just as we do every day- to improve their quality of life, and quality of the services they require.

Whether you are a pet owner, a pet-service provider, a shelter, or someone who enjoys watching animals bouncing freely in an off-leash in a public park, feeding wild animals in a public garden or on a hike if you are a person who appreciates the lives of all our fellow animal comrades, and values their basic rights this space is dedicated to you.

To do this we started with a simple checklist that barely included the services they need and the channels needed to connect them with their service providers. However, launching a new venture is to deliver an idea in a physical form, and much like birth, our checklist appeared to grow bigger and faster as our idea evolved and grew. The idea is now a growing physical being, and we -the pet advocates and enthusiasts- are now this newborn nervous system.


Derived from the possibilities provided by cloud computing, digitization, and mobility, and fueled with a passion for animal welfare and technology, we founded Reapet, Inc as technology startup with multiple pillars to serve separate pet care stakeholders:

Reapet Platform:

  • directoRea for finding nearby pet care service listing ( public directory)
  • LibraRea Pet care blog for content publishing starting with this very prelude (public library)
  • Reacords CRM for Pet Care and Animal Health Professionals (pet business software)

Coming soon:

  • Reascue Portal for Animal Shelters
  • Reatail Marketplace for Pet Products


Starting with Reacords, a cloud CRM (Clients Relations Manager) tailored for pet care professionals and veterinary clinics, which allows the pet care business/service provider, to manage relations with your clients, register their pets and easily organize and share bookings, Reacords, invoices with pet owners.

Reacords CRM serves as an end-to-end productivity stack for vets, dog walkers, pet sitters, pet groomers, dog trainers, pet photographers, pet transporters, etc. with the individual "Reacord" as the central building block of the platform, and pets as the heart of it.

Reacords is the leading solution bundled onto the Reapet Platform, released as a beta version for the pet industry service providers, and scheduled to go out of beta to a fully loaded release early in 2021.

As a pet service provider, you can now sign up to create a user account, register your business to start adding clients, pets, Reacords and calendar events in a couple of minutes on an organized, intuitive interface, and robust performance on any device

Your complete business profile, contact info, and address will be listed on directoRea to allow pet owners to seek and easily find you, as well as providing exposure for your business.

For more information please do not hesitate to drop us a hello@reapet.com

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