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Introducing libraRea





libraRea, Reapet Blog

Welcome to libraRea, this is where we will be posting articles, periodicals, multimedia content, and valuable publications.

We started this part of our website with one simple goal in mind, that is to create a place for pet owners, service providers and welfare advocates to read, share and contribute knowledge and experience, and we decided to call this section libraRea, pronounced "library", instead of just a blog or a magazine, because we intend to bring more than the ordinary blog to our readers, adding a variety of content for all our users which constitute of a mixed audience, also libraRea fits well with our Reapet branding philosophy, we hope that you will like what you will see.

To establish a friendly navigational hierarchy, libraRea consists the following sections:

Pet Owner Corner

Pet Business Corner

Animal Welfare Corner

As part of our mission to empower animal rescue and pet care with technology, we promise to provide content of high quality over quantity, and aim to maximize the value of your every reading minute on our platform, free of click baits and marketing manipulation, we are also aware of the fact that most of you don't like a long body of text, so we will also try to keep it short and simple.

While the platform is growing and bootstrapped, we have plans to soon introduce publishing tools for professional writers to share their content and expertise by posting on libraRea, for the community, by the community, if you believe in the value of reading, if you love pets and consider your self an interesting writer, if you are interested in becoming an early contributor, reach out to us to let us know when you are ready to share your content.

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