Pet Owner Corner July 15, 2020

Things You Should Know Before Choosing Your First Pet





Having a pet is a fantastic and rewarding experience. Since each animal and its needs are entirely different, how can you make sure that you are ready for a new addition to your family and home, and how to choose the right pet?

Ask your self the following questions:

Are you an active person?

Are you a committed early morning jogger? Or are you a dedicated late night binge-watcher? You should consider your lifestyle and future goals when choosing to add a pet to your equation.

If you are active and ready for a run, you should go with an energetic dog breed such as the Retriever, Vizsla, Husky, or the Labrador. Do you prefer to be cozy on the couch in the winter with hot tea, and in the summertime, you relax with sweet ice tea then a cat would be a right choice, or even one of the dog breeds that are known for their slower pace such as the Bichon Frise, Shih Tzu, or the Pekingese.

Do you or anyone in your house members have any relevant Allergies?

Allergies are common among people, and they vary in symptoms and severity. If you or one of your households suffer from this, it is crucial to conceder when thinking about getting a new pet. One could look into certain breeds of cats and dogs that are known to not cause allergic reactions or choose other types of animals like fish, tarantulas, and reptiles.

Do You Have Time?

If you work full time and have children, then crate training a puppy might not be the ideal commitment to add to your plate. In this case, senior dogs and retired service dogs are a superb option worth considering, they are a joy to have and just as ready to love and be loved as any puppy. But just as puppies have their own particular needs, senior dogs do as well, so be prepared to meet a new friend and enjoy their company for years to come.

What type of pet do you connect with the most?

Would you like a pet that is always with you, or would you prefer one with a little more independent character? While most cats like to cuddle, they also do like some alone time and sleep a lot. On the other hand, when it comes down to spending time with their person, dogs are happiest and more attached. Or is it an Iguana that you need? Maybe, if you are a laid back person who is looking for an exciting option.

Beekeeping is an excellent option if you have space, time, and discipline. Taking care of a queen and her kingdom of armed honey makers is a great choice. If you like to be more grounded, then an Ant kingdom by your desk could be a daily reminder of our place in this universe.

To get one, a pair, or more?

It is a frequently asked question from new pet owners — should I get two, so they have each other's company? If two pets can be accommodated by your household, budget, and schedule, bringing home a couple could be a great move to cover their social needs while you are away from the house.

Reapet supports pet adoption and animal welfare

If it is your first time to care for a pet, or if you are hesitant that it might be overwhelming, there's nothing wrong with raising a single pet only. Make it up to your solo pet by paying a lot of attention to your pet while you are at home. When you are more comfortable, you can bring in a sibling, but this must be done with considerations. For example, old cats can misunderstand introducing a young kitten to the equation. On the other hand, a young adult dog can get short with the new puppy, or be rough while playing.

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